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Newmarket School


Learning technologies are important to an inquiry mindset

Newmarket School has a strong culture of teachers as inquirers. Professional learning at the school is underpinned by an inquiry mindset and decisions about the learning technologies used with students are often guided by the outcomes of teacher inquiries. Online professional sharing space TeachMeetNZ is an example of where Newmarket School’s culture of flexible teacher inquiries can lead. 

In the school examples tab you can learn more about:
   1. Newmarket School's approach to teaching as inquiry
   2. The online professional learning community TeachMeetNZ
   3. How connections create new learning opportunities at Newmarket

School Profile

  • Location: Central Auckland
  • School type: Contributing primary
  • School size: 267 (61% Asian, 21% European, 11% Maori and Pasifika)

School examples

Teachers as inquirers

Teacher inquiries at Newmarket School build on learner motivation and interests as a way of improving student outcomes. They focus on genuine problems of practice and aim to develop teacher capability

Connecting to share professional learning

TeachMeetNZ connects teachers for professional learning outside their own schools. It grew from a Newmarket teacher's inquiry into professional sharing and helps teachers build professional networks

eLPF dimension:
Future-focused themes:

Connections create new learning opportunities

Newmarket teachers are encouraged to explore different learning technologies and social media connections as they create new learning opportunities in response to identified student needs


Providing feedback

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