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Leamington School


The Leamington Learner - developing technological capability

Leamington School has consulted with its community to define five core, commonly understood and valued goals that guide teaching and learning to prepare students to successfully navigate the future. Children understand that they are ‘Leamington Learners’– the term coined to embody these goals. Digital technologies have been widely adopted as a tool to help achieve the school’s objectives.

In the school examples tab you can find out:
   1. The role digital technologies can play in supporting learning
   2. The pedagogy involved in developing technologically capable learners
   3. The practical elements involved in developing an environment to realise the vision

School Profile

  • Location: Cambridge
  • School type: Contributing primary
  • School size: 389 (77% European, 17% Maori)

School examples

The Leamington Learner

The Leamington Learner concept has long been the school’s strategic focus and foundation for enhanced achievement. Owned by the school community, technological capability is an integral component.

Technologically Capable Learners

The 6Cs that comprise Leamington School’s "Technologically Capable" cog focus learners and teachers on developing the dispositions that make it possible to leverage new learning opportunities.

Building the environment

Creating an environment for 1:1 mobile technology and building teacher and community capacity have been natural progressions as Leamington School has developed technologically capable learners.

eLPF dimension:
Future-focused themes:


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