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Future-focused Learning Examples

These school examples are provided to show you how schools are effectively integrating digital technology with teaching and learning. Each example is referenced to the dimensions of the e-Learning Planning Framework; and the future-focused learning themes identified by New Zealand Council of Educational Research. Initially we are sharing two school examples but expect to add more over time.

eLPF dimensions

Beyond the classroom

This dimension describes new opportunities and possibilities for schools to engage with families/ whānau and the wider community.

Learning and teaching

e-Learning enables learning opportunities to be tailored to students’ individual needs and interests, improving achievement and engagement.

Professional learning

There is always more to learn about using digital technology effectively in your teaching practice and sharing your knowledge and ideas with others.

Leadership and strategic direction

Vision. Strategy. Implementation. Effective leadership is critical in implementing effective e-learning practices throughout your school.

Technologies and infrastructure

Effective e-learning is underpinned by appropriate digital technologies, including infrastructure, digital devices, resources, content, and services.

Future-focused themes

Theme 1:
Personalising learning

Moving away from an industrial age “one-size-fits-all” model

Theme 2:
Educating for diversity

New views of equity, diversity and inclusivity

Theme 3:
Building learning capacity

A curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity

Theme 4:
Teacher and learner roles

“Changing the script”: Rethinking learners’ and teachers’ roles

Theme 5:
Continuous professional learning

A culture of continuous learning for teachers and educational leaders

Theme 6:
Community connectedness

New kinds of relationships: Schools no longer siloed from the community


Providing feedback

The Ministry of Education would like to understand how useful the examples provided on this site are to other schools. If you are interested in being contacted about this, please fill in the form, below.

Thank you for providing your contact details. If you have any questions please email us at Learning.Digitaltechnologies@minedu.govt.nz.